Thatcher Ulrich’s free font Tuffy is a nice sans serif that comes with no strings attached. While the licensing status of most free fonts is unclear at best, Thatcher has released Tuffy into the public domain.

Greyscale Basic

My German is horrible but this free font looks great!

And just a reminder, if you have any tips, send them in: leech@fontleech.com

Storm Type

Storm Type offers a very impressive collection of pay fonts, but they’re giving away the Lido family on their free fonts page.


Jos Buivenga’s foundry has some really wonderful stuff. My favorites are Fontin Sans and Fertigo.

I’m not making any promises this time (we all know how that ends), but I do have several posts in the pipeline. While you’re waiting, why not check out my blog?

Floodfonts Updates

Coraline @ Floodfonts
Floodfonts has just been completely redesigned. It now features two new free fonts, Coraline and the pixel font Atlantis.

AUdimat @ SMeltery

Our old favorite Jack Usine has only released one free font in 2006. Luckily, it was the awesome AUdimat, currently featured as our banner font.

Site Overhaul

I’ve been working on cleaning up the site, which mostly consisted of trashing thousands of spam comments. Those are gone now and Akismet should prevent any future craziness. Sorry if any legitimate comments were deleted, but the spam was pretty out of control.

I have a few sites to cover in the next couple of weeks, but I would definitely appreciate any suggestions. If you’ve found any nice free fonts lately you can tip me off at leech@fontleech.com.

Anyway I hope you guys like the new lean & mean design (let me know if you find any bugs). Is there anything else you’d like to see on the site? I’m thinking about setting up a forum (as suggested) but I’m not sure if there would be enough activity to justify it.

Cleaning Things Up

In the next few days I’ll be working on cleaning up Fontleech a little bit (namely getting rid of the comment spam and improving the links database). I guess the site will function mainly as a database of the best free fonts on the web, with new fonts/sites posted occasionally.

In the mean time, check out Splideo’s 10 Most Awesomest Videos.